A 750 word essay comparing the higher education systems in the two countries

Harvard, 800 Words


Higher education plays the significant role in every country’s education system. Generally the education of graduate level, post graduate level, doctoral and fellowship are considered as the higher education for any country. However, the higher education system in UK and USA is the matter of this essay. I will try my level best to clear about the difference between the two countries education system and state on which system is more effective. There are most significant differences between the UK and USA education system based on the amount of time to finish the degree (University Endowment, 2015). Generally the degree of USA takes the 1 year longer time than that of UK though it is varied whether a person receives a post-graduation degree or the doctoral degree. In USA students can go to the doctoral degree out of the undergraduate program; but, in UK students need to complete the post-graduation degree before to go the doctoral degree. Moreover, the course materials are shorter in UK than that of USA since UK gives the more focus on the course programs than that of USA. So, primarily it can be said that the education system in UK is more effective than that of USA. But, this statement is not final; it is just a statement based on the more focus in course programs. However, the more information about the two countries will be discussed below to make a final statement that which education system is really more effective and for what.